(Summon) Card Soldier Skill Card

Card (Summon) Card Soldier Skill Card Big

Card (Summon) Card Soldier Skill Card Icon

Required TM Learn TM Master Type
TM Level 170 6 4 Charm
Value Weight Rank MP
204,000 100 6 0
Job Guardian
Gambler No
Prerequisite Skills
Metamorphosis (Master)
Card No.6 teaches the skill (Summon) Card Soldier which uses Empty Card from the inventory to summon a card soldier to attack enemies. Must be in a transformed state.
Skill Card. Double click to learn (Summon) Card Soldier skill.
How to obtain
Quest Reward: Frog Shaman - Passing the Spell.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
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