Admiral's Anchor Necklace
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Ring Admiral's Anchor Necklace

Ring Admiral's Anchor Necklace Icon

3 Star
Required Value Weight
Level 110 0 11
Timed Refinable Temperable
No No Yes
Compoundable Stats Slots
AP, AC, HP, DP, HV 2 ~ 4
Elemental Property
Stats Ingame Stats Range Web Temper Range
AP 192 ~ 345 78 ~ 138
Gun AP
Throw AP {{{Throw_AP_ingame_temper}}} {{{Throw_AP_web_temper}}}
AC 11 ~ 18 8 ~ 16
DX -1 ~ -1 N/A
HP 338 ~ 607 276 ~ 781
DP 72 ~ 129 41 ~ 186
HV 12 ~ 20 N/A
HP Recovery {{{hp_recovery}}}
MP Recovery {{{mp_recovery}}}
Speed Boost {{{speed_boost}}}
A necklace with an anchor shaped pendant attached to it. It is a necklace that only a navy admiral can wear.
How to obtain
Open Admiral Skulley Box.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Yes No Yes
Themed Items
Hat Admiral's Hat Icon Weapon Admiral's Cutlass Icon Gun Admiral's Pistol Icon Shield Admiral's Shield Icon Cape Admiral's Cape Icon Ring Admiral's Anchor Necklace Icon Ring Admiral's Marine Ring Icon Pet Admiral Skulley Icon Mycamp Sunken Ship Model Icon Mycamp Navy Admiral Doll Icon
Hat Sword Gun Shield Cape Necklace Ring Pet Ship Doll
Notes: Web Tempering doesnt work correctly for this item.
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