Anubis - Anubis' Mission 2
Npc Anubis
NPC: Anubis
Location: Pyramid Dungeon - Room of Truth
Quest Cycles: 1x
Condition: Level 35 ~ 90, have Golden Sword, finished Anubis - Anubis' Mission 1.
Request: Kill 20 x
Soul Taker 2
Monster Shadow Idle
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Found at: Pyramid Dungeon - Room of Truth
XP: 444,391 TM: 186,493
Cycle 1: Item Shard of Spirit Icon 1x Piece of Free Soul 1
Cycle 2: [[File:]]
Cycle 3: [[File:]]
Cycle 4: [[File:]]
Cycle 5: [[File:]]
Weapon Golden Sword Icon Golden Sword can be obtained from Tutankhamen Legendary Box.
Don't kill any monsters before you start the quest!
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