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Power Icon Power Type - Bear
Char Animal Lover Char Trainer Char Zoologist
Animal Lover Trainer Zoologist
1st job 2nd job 3rd job


Bear is the new Power Type class. She uses 2-handed Hammer type weapons for melee damage and Attack Power (AP) and Detect Ability (DA) to strengthen her attacks.


A cute girl with a huge hammer. She is wearing polar bear ears and tail.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

(Paula's Prologue:)
The Polar Bear lover, Paula won a tour package to go sightseeing in Alaska for her beloved polar bears.
But fate played it's part here.
Instead of boarding the cruise ship headed to Alaska, she accidentally boarded the ship headed to Caballa island.
Upon arriving at the Island, Paula was in shock after realizing that she took the wrong cruise, but after hearing that polar bears lived in Caballa island's Snow Hill, she decides to become the 9th Adventurer of Caballa Island.


Bear Skills
1st Job - Animal Lover 2nd Job - Trainer 3rd Job - Zoologist
TM Name
Skill Equip Hammer Icon 1 Equip Hammer
Skill Powerful Hammer Icon 1 Powerful Hammer
Skill Double Hammer Icon 10 Double Hammer
Skill Strength Training Icon 20 Strength Training
Skill Concentration Icon 25 Concentration
Skill Mental Breakdown Icon 30 Mental Breakdown
Skill Shield of Will Icon 35 Shield of Will
Skill Party Guard Icon 40 Party Guard
Skill Earthquake Hammer Icon 50 Earthquake Hammer
TM Name
Skill Crazy Hammer I Icon 60 Crazy Hammer I
Skill Invisible Defence Icon 70 Invisible Defence
Skill Over Swing Icon 90 Over Swing
Skill Crazy Hammer II Icon 90 Crazy Hammer II
Skill Mole Hammer Icon 110 Mole Hammer
Skill Crazy Hammer III Icon 120 Crazy Hammer III
Skill Flying Hammer Icon 120 Flying Hammer
TM Name
Skill Aura of Anger Icon 140 Aura of Anger
Skill Strong Arms Icon 140 Strong Arms
Skill Last Defence Icon 150 Last Defence
Skill Bear Attack Icon 170 Bear Attack
Skill Best Shield Icon 180 Best Shield
Skill Rain of Hammers Icon 190 Rain of Hammers
Skill Hammer Spin Icon 220 Hammer Spin
Skill Crazy Hammer IV Icon 220 Crazy Hammer IV
Skill Hammer Spin Booster Icon 240 Hammer Spin Booster
Skill Crazy Hammer V Icon 240 Crazy Hammer V


Animal Lover can advance to Trainer.
Trainer can advance to Zoologist.

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