Black Rabbit Ribbon Wings
Set Name: Playtrickster
Set Bonus: AC + 60, DA + 50, LK + 50, HP + 2,645, DP + 676
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Hat Cape
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Cape Black Rabbit Ribbon Wings

Cape Black Rabbit Ribbon Wings Icon


Cape Black Rabbit Ribbon Wings Equip
Required Value Weight
Level 200 0 75
Timed Refinable Temperable
No No Yes
Compoundable Stats Slots
AP, AC, DX, MP, MA, WT, DA, LK, HP, HV 3
Elemental Property
Stats Ingame Stats Range Web Temper Range
Gun AP
Throw AP {{{Throw_AP_ingame_temper}}} {{{Throw_AP_web_temper}}}
AC 45 ~ 81 51 ~ 93
WT 7,500 ~ 13,500 8,625 ~ 15,524
DA 38 ~ 67 43 ~ 77
LK 38 ~ 67 43 ~ 77
HP 1,984 ~ 3,570 2,281 ~ 4,106
DP 507 ~ 912 583 ~ 1,049
HP Recovery
MP Recovery
Speed Boost
Created by GM Wan for Playtrickster.
Cape. Its primary use is to help you to carry heavy things.
How to obtain
Buy in MyShop for 12,000 MyShop Points.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes No Yes
Themed Items
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Notes: Can't be equipped by Boxer.
Set Effect: File:Revive_Effect.gif
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