Boss Monsters (with Boss Room and Boss Set)

 NameLocationLevel Restriction
Tutankhamen Seal.png
Tutankhamen Desert Beach Boss1 - 90
Tombeth Seal.png
Tombeth Caballa Relics Boss1 - 150
Captain Skull Seal.png
Captain Skull Oops Wharf Boss1 - 210
Pirate King Karan Seal.png
Pirate King Karan Ghost Blue Boss1 - 280
Count Blood Seal.png
Count Blood Rose Garden Boss1 - 400
Tenter Lion Seal.png
Tenter Lion Black Swamp Boss150+
Queen Odinea Seal.png
Queen Odinea Snow Hill BossNone?
Soki Seal.png
Soki Techichi Volcano Boss150+
Spicy Dragon Seal.png
Spicy Dragon Tapasco Volcano BossNone?
Koiosu Seal.png
Koiosu Tartarus Boss260+
Kronos Seal.png
True Kronos Tartarus Boss320+

Koiosu and Kronos Seal images improved by Paige.

Boss Monsters (with Boss Room, but without Boss Set)

 NameLocationLevel Restriction
 Ancient Dragon Tartarus Boss320+
 Ancient Hecate Tartarus Boss320+
 Ancient Ixion Tartarus Boss320+
 Ancient Sisyphus Tartarus Boss320+
 Ancient Tantalus Tartarus Boss320+
 Chronos Tartarus Boss320+
Mad Ray Seal.pngMad RayPhantom School Boss200+
Master Mong Seal.pngMaster Mong Coral Beach Boss15+
 Requiem Grudge Tower of Chaos Boss60+, 2nd job+
 Requiem SpiritTower of Chaos Boss60+, 2nd job+
 Requiem BodyTower of Chaos Boss60+, 2nd job+
 Requiem CoreTower of Chaos Boss60+, 2nd job+
 Requiem IdentityTower of Chaos Boss60+, 2nd job+
 Outraged Requiem Tower of Chaos Boss60+, 2nd job+
 Ed Tower of Chaos Boss60+, 2nd job+
 Evil of Darkness - ED Battle Arena?

Boss Monsters (not available)

 NameLocationLevel Restriction
Predator Seal.pngPredatorGhost Blue Boss?
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