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Char Boxer Big.png
Type Class Job Sex
Power Bunny 2nd job Female
Job Advancement
Boxer can advance to Champion (Pure) or Duelist (Hybrid).
See 3rd job Advancement for details.
Attack Style: Boxer specializes in hand to hand combat dealing big damage.
Rcmd. Stats:
Good for:
New Skills
Guard Break Dash Uppercut Quad Punch Counter Punch Eagle Eye Guard Tetra Punch Desperate Rally Clinch Release [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
[[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
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Hair Colors Fashion Sets
Vivid Coloring
Hair Vivid Coloring Icon.png (1,400 MS)
Boxer Hair 1.png
Boxer Hair 2.png
Boxer Hair 3.png
Boxer Hair 4.png
Boxer Hair 5.png
Boxer Hair 6.png
Boxer Hair 1.png
Boxer Fashion Set 1
Fashion Boxer Fashion Set 1.png
Boxer Fashion Set 2
Fashion Boxer Fashion Set 2.png
Boxer Fashion Set 3
Fashion Boxer Fashion Set 3.png
Boxer Fashion Set 4
Fashion Boxer Fashion Set 4.png
Vivid Coloring 2
Hair Vivid Coloring 2 Icon.png (2,700 MS)
Boxer Hair 7.png
Boxer Hair 8.png
Boxer Hair 9.png
Boxer Hair 10.png
Boxer Hair 11.png
Boxer Hair 1.png
[[File:]] Char Boxer Idle.gif Char Boxer Walk.gif [[File:]] Char Boxer Ready.gif Char Boxer Attack.gif [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Boxer Energy.gif [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Boxer Happy.gif
Sleep Idle Walk Run Ready Attack Critical Magic Dodge Energy Sad Angry Happy

Char Boxer Big.png