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Power Icon.png Power Type - Buffalo
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Fighter Warrior Gladiator Mercenary
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Buffalo is the male counterpart of the Power Type. He uses Sword type weapons for melee damage and Attack Power (AP) to strengthen his attacks. Buffalo has a large variety of multiple-target attack skills, along with some other single-target attacks. Buffalo can also use Elemental Attributes to power up some of his skills.


A strong, bully type character with big horns on top of his head. He wears a red scarf and a protective bandage on his arm.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

Nike is a professional fighter who would challenge and fight anybody. He unknowingly competes in an illegal fight and seriously injures his opponent in a win, but only finds out about it after he was cheated off his prize money by his manager. Nike comes to Caballa Island to make money to take care of his injured opponent and his family.


Buffalo Skills
1st Job - Fighter 2nd Job - Warrior 3rd Job - Gladiator
TM Name
Skill Steel Punch Icon.png 0 Steel Punch
Skill Shockwave Icon.png 1 Shockwave
Skill Bull's Eye Icon.png 10 Bull's Eye
Skill Luck Breaker Icon.png 20 Luck Breaker
Skill Burning Rave Icon.png 20 Burning Rave
Skill Shockvibe Icon.png 20 Shockvibe
Skill Sense Breaker Icon.png 20 Sense Breaker
Skill Pumping Heart Icon.png 25 Pumping Heart
Skill Armor Breaker Icon.png 30 Armor Breaker
Skill Upper Smash Icon.png 40 Upper Smash
Skill Hyper Beat Icon.png 45 Hyper Beat
Skill Tornado Bomb Icon.png 50 Tornado Bomb
TM Name
Skill Faint Icon.png 41 Faint
Skill Lacerator Icon.png 55 Lacerator
Skill Berserker Icon.png 70 Berserker
Skill Piercing Wave Icon.png 85 Piercing Wave
Skill Aura of Haste Icon.png 100 Aura of Haste
Skill Tidal Slash Icon.png 110 Tidal Slash
Skill Earthquake Blade Icon.png 115 Earthquake Blade
Skill Blazing Strike Icon.png 120 Blazing Strike
Skill Inferno Blade Icon.png 125 Inferno Blade
Skill Tempest Strike Icon.png 130 Tempest Strike
Skill Lightning Strike Icon.png 210 Lightning Strike
TM Name
Skill Shadow Icon.png 125 Shadow
Skill Suffocate Icon.png 130 Suffocate
Skill Sonic Slash Icon.png 140 Sonic Slash
Skill Gale Strike Icon.png 145 Gale Strike
Skill Chi Sword Icon.png 170 Chi Sword
Skill Chakra Balance Icon.png 240 Chakra Balance


Fighter can advance to Warrior.
Warrior can advance to Gladiator or Mercenary.