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Power Icon.png Power Type - Bunny
Char Schoolgirl.png Char Boxer.png Char Champion.png Char Duelist.png
Schoolgirl Boxer Champion Duelist
1st job 2nd job pure 3rd job hybrid 3rd job


Bunny is the female counterpart of the Power Type. She uses Sword type weapons for melee damage and Attack Power (AP) to strengthen her attacks. Bunny specializes in powerful one-to-one attack skills but also offers other useful skills that allow her to move around the field quickly and even the ability to block other melee attacks.


A cute and tomboyish schoolgirl, she was a member of her high school boxing club, and still wears a pair of regulation gloves here on the island.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

The schoolgirl Niea is an all-around athlete who has never lost in any kind of athletic competition. While she was getting bored with her usual excellence in ordinary sports, she was offered a chance to save the boxing club of her school. Niea soon sets her goal of obtaining the Junior Championship. While training, she sees the one and only boxing glove made of mammoth leather in an auction and comes to Caballa Island to earn money to buy her treasure.


Bunny Skills
1st Job - Schoolgirl 2nd Job - Boxer 3rd Job - Champion
TM Name
Skill Steel Punch Icon.png 0 Steel Punch
Skill Shockwave Icon.png 1 Shockwave
Skill Bull's Eye Icon.png 10 Bull's Eye
Skill Luck Breaker Icon.png 20 Luck Breaker
Skill Burning Rave Icon.png 20 Burning Rave
Skill Shockvibe Icon.png 20 Shockvibe
Skill Sense Breaker Icon.png 20 Sense Breaker
Skill Pumping Heart Icon.png 25 Pumping Heart
Skill Armor Breaker Icon.png 30 Armor Breaker
Skill Upper Smash Icon.png 40 Upper Smash
Skill Hyper Beat Icon.png 45 Hyper Beat
Skill Tornado Bomb Icon.png 50 Tornado Bomb
TM Name
Skill Guard Break Icon.png 41 Guard Break
Skill Dash Icon.png 55 Dash
Skill Uppercut Icon.png 60 Uppercut
Skill Quad Punch Icon.png 85 Quad Punch
Skill Counter Punch Icon.png 100 Counter Punch
Skill Eagle Eye Icon.png 110 Eagle Eye
Skill Guard Icon.png 110 Guard
Skill Tetra Punch Icon.png 120 Tetra Punch
Skill Desperate Rally Icon.png 125 Desperate Rally
Skill Clinch Release Icon.png 210 Clinch Release
TM Name
Skill Flash Cut Icon.png 120 Flash Cut
Skill Adrenaline Icon.png 130 Adrenaline
Skill Flaming Fist Icon.png 145 Flaming Fist
Skill Mega Flash Cut Icon.png 160 Mega Flash Cut
Skill Chi Release Icon.png 240 Chi Release


Schoolgirl can advance to Boxer.
Boxer can advance to Champion or Duelist.