Carved Box 13

Box Carved Box.png

Box Carved Box Icon.png
Required Value Weight
Level 1 2,000,000 1
A wooden box with the face of Trickster's Founder Don Cavalier carved into the lid.
Box. Double click to open.
How to Obtain
Buy from Item Girl at Event Garden - Ceremonia.
Fashion Black Bolero Jacket Icon.png 1x Black Bolero Jacket Card Secret Card No.8 Icon.png 1x Secret Card No.8
Fashion Black Cord Skirt Icon.png 1x Black Cord Skirt Card Star Card No.95 Refine Icon.png 2x Star Card No.95 Refine
Fashion Black Gauntlet Icon.png 1x Black Gauntlet Potion Star Tears Icon.png 2x Star Tears
Fashion Blue-Black Steel Boots Icon.png 1x Blue-Black Steel Boots Pet Sunny Esther Icon.png 1x Sunny Esther
Fashion Blue-Black Tube Top Icon.png 1x Blue-Black Tube Top Pet Teru Egg Icon.png 1x [TH] Teru Egg 30
Ring Dorothy Hairbrush Icon.png 1x Dorothy Hairbrush Pet Teru Egg Icon.png 1x Teru Egg
Weapon Winter Staff Icon.png 1x Fierce Winter Staff Hair Twinkle Coloring 2 Icon.png 1x Twinkle Coloring 2
Weapon Fruit Skewer Rod Icon.png 1x Fruit Skewer Rod Form Weapon Winter Staff Icon.png 1x Winter Staff
Belt Galder Coupon Belt Icon.png 1x Galder Coupon Belt Weapon Winter Staff Icon.png 1x [TH] Winter Staff Form
Cape Quiem`s Blankie Cloak Icon.png 1x Quiem's Blankie Cloak 100 Ring Witch's Treat Ring Icon.png 1x Witch's Treat Ring
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes No Yes
CB content updated 3.3.2017.
When you open the box, you will recieve 1 item from the Content list.
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