Carved Box 16

Box Carved Box

Box Carved Box Icon
Required Value Weight
Level 1 2,000,000 1
A wooden box with the face of Trickster's Founder Don Cavalier carved into the lid.
Box. Double click to open.
How to Obtain
Buy from Item Girl at Event Garden - Ceremonia.
Pet Rosalyna Icon 1x [TH] Rosalyna 70 Fashion Red Leather Shorts Icon 1x Red Leather Shorts
Pet Rosalyna Icon 1x [TH] Rosalyna 120 Weapon Rose Sword Icon 1x Rose Sword
Hat Big Xote Head Icon 1x Big Xote Head Hat Sakurako Hairpin Icon 1x Sakurako Hairpin
Hat Black Bunny Ears Icon 1x Black Bunny Ears 80 Shield Sakurako Shield Icon 1x Sakurako Shield
Fashion Black Zip-Up Coat Icon 1x Black Zip-Up Coat Card Secret Card No.6 Icon 1x Secret Card No.6
Weapon Choco Goma Wand Icon 1x Choco Goma Wand Form Box Splish Splash Yupika VR Icon 1x Splish Splash Yupika VR
Weapon Etoile Spear Icon 1x Etoile Spear 60 Ring Summer Love Accessory Icon 1x Summer Love Accessory
Item Gold Tempering Gem Icon 1x Gold Tempering Gem Weapon Summer Love Sword Icon 1x Summer Love Sword
Fashion Purple Leather Wristlets Icon 1x Purple Leather Wristlets Fashion Violet Buckle Boots Icon 1x Violet Buckle Boots
Hat Quiem's Headband Icon 1x Quiem's Headband 100 Item Super Detection Scroll Icon 5x Super Detection Scroll
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes No Yes
When you open the box, you will recieve 1 item from the Content list.
CB 1, CB 2, CB 3, CB 4, CB 5, CB 6, CB 7, CB 8, CB 9, CB 10, CB 11, CB 12, CB 13, CB 14, CB 15, CB 16, CB 17, CB 18, CB 19, CB 20, CB 21, CB 22, CB 23, CB 24, CB 25

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