Carved Box 20

Box Carved Box

Box Carved Box Icon
Required Value Weight
Level 1 2,000,000 1
A wooden box with the face of Trickster's Founder Don Cavalier carved into the lid.
Box. Double click to open.
How to Obtain
Buy from Item Girl at Event Garden - Ceremonia.
Transparent 1x [TH] White Bolero Transparent 1x Etoile Pendant 130
Transparent 1x [TH] White Gauntlet Item Growth Vitamin Icon 2x Growth Vitamin
Transparent 1x [TH] White Leather Shoes Transparent 1x Kiddy Shield
Transparent 1x [TH] White Tunic Transparent 1x Little Witch Beff
Transparent 1x [TH] Sky White Fur Collar Transparent 1x Mischievous Chagan
Transparent 1x Big Tacky Head Transparent 1x Sage's Violet Shield
Transparent 1x Bride La Befana Transparent 1x Sage's Violet Shield L
Drill Bubble Drill Icon 1x Bubble Drill Transparent 1x Snow Sword (Mireru)
Card Choco of Love Skill Card Icon 1x Choco of Love Skill Card Transparent 1x [TH] Snow Sword Form (Mireru)
Transparent 1x Defender of the Gallant Transparent 2x Water Attribute Stone
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes No Yes
Content is not verified.
When you open the box, you will recieve 1 item from the Content list.
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