Charm Icon Charm Type - Cat
Char Model Char Entertainer Char Primadonna Char Diva
Model Entertainer Primadonna Diva
1st job 2nd job pure 3rd job hybrid 3rd job


The Cat is a Charm Type character that primarily utilizes Sword type weapons. Basic defensive and evasive skills are learned during 1st jobs.


A female character who enjoys wearing revealing outfits. She is full of self-confidence and knows how beautiful she looks.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

A rising star model who has won a couple of beauty contests. Jenny has been cast to play the leading role in an upcoming blockbuster “Cleopatra”. She comes to the island to make money to purchase ravish and expensive costumes for her movie.


Cat Skills
1st Job - Model 2nd Job - Entertainer 3rd Job - Primadonna
TM Name
Skill Warm Up Icon 0 Warm Up
Skill Power Blow Icon 1 Power Blow
Skill Dodge Master Icon 10 Dodge Master
Skill Galder Thrower Icon 20 Galder Thrower
Skill Magic Meltdown Icon 20 Magic Meltdown
Skill Magic Def Breaker Icon 20 Magic Def Breaker
Skill Mana Reflector Icon 20 Mana Reflector
Skill Shield All Icon 25 Shield All
Skill Sturdy Shield Icon 30 Sturdy Shield
Skill Titanium Wrist Icon 40 Titanium Wrist
Skill Skunk Pouch Icon 40 Skunk Pouch
Skill Physical Training Icon 45 Physical Training
Skill Final Blow Icon 50 Final Blow
TM Name
Skill Volley Kick Icon 41 Volley Kick
Skill Galder Barrage Icon 55 Galder Barrage
Skill Team Bolster Icon 65 Team Bolster
Skill Siren Song Icon 90 Siren Song
Skill Evolution Icon 110 Evolution
Skill Beast Claw Icon 120 Beast Claw
Skill Fatal Wound Icon 130 Fatal Wound
Skill Fist Full of Galders Icon 130 Fist Full of Galders
Skill Sumo Suit Icon 135 Sumo Suit
Skill Deadly Funk Icon 160 Deadly Funk
Skill Aura Shatter Icon 210 Aura Shatter
TM Name
Skill Sharp Scream Icon 125 Sharp Scream
Skill 2 Hit Combo Icon 140 2 Hit Combo
Skill Raging Nail Icon 140 Raging Nail
Skill Entrancing Wink Icon 150 Entrancing Wink
Skill Beast's Instinct Icon 240 Beast's Instinct


Model can advance to Entertainer.
Entertainer can advance to Primadonna or Diva.

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