Sense Icon Cave Uparupa ( Lv.448 )

Monster Cave Uparupa Move


AP 2,125 Fire R 30 %
AC 125 Water R 55 %
DX 4 Air R 30 %
MP 15,000 Soil R 55 %
MA 297 Elec R 30 %
MD 4,675 Light R 15 %
WT 60,000 Dark R 30 %
DA 375 Magic R 30 %
LK 350 Phys R 30 %
HP 70,000 Gun R 30 %
DP 5,525 Shadow R 0 %
HV 15
XP / TM Aggro MonProtect
84,000 / 10,764 Yes MonProtect S
Light A Light Attribute
Soil R Earth Attribute, Water R Water Attribute
Melee Attribute:
Water A 50 % Water Attribute
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MQ / PQ target:
Skill Name Level Skill Name Level
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[[File:]] [[File:]]
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[[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]]
Level 260+

Name Use
Item Galder Icon 0 - 40,638 Galders Currency
Potion Elixir Extract Icon Elixir Extract Potion
Potion Jewelry Potion Icon Jewelry Potion Potion
Item Sharp Piece Icon 1-4x Sharp Piece Refining Material
Hat Wood Helmet Icon Shadow Wood Helmet Hat
Shield Crest Shield Icon Shadow Crest Shield Shield
Shield Silver Shield Icon Shadow Silver Shield Shield
Shield Flame Shield Icon Shadow Flame Shield Shield
Item Fin of Uparupa Icon Fin of Uparupa Quest Item
Item Tail of Uparupa Icon Tail of Uparupa Quest Item
Item Drop Test Dummy Icon Drop Test Dummy Quest Item
level 260 and 320 compound stones and attr. crystals Compounding
Box Star Card Pack No.4 Icon Star Card Pack No.7 Card Pack
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