Craftsman's Anvil

Item Craftsman's Anvil

Item Craftsman's Anvil Icon

Required Value Weight
Level 0 0 1
Compounding Ability
A mysterious anvil made from Blacksmith Marx's vision. It increases refining rate.
The higher the level of the item is the more anvils you will need.
Refining Assistant for level 0 ~ 8. Refining increased by 5 %.
How to obtain
Open Mileage Box 30, Mileage Box 70, Mileage Box 140, Mileage Box 190,
Carved Box 4 (3.3.2017).
Buy in MyShop for 300 MS points.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Yes No Yes
ingame name: Craftman's Anvils (bug?) instead of Craftsman's Anvil.
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