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Daily Coupon

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Item Daily Coupon Icon.png

Required Value Weight
Level 1 10 0
Compounding Ability
A coupon given to those that do the daily quests everyday.
Collect a lot and take them to Miranda Watty.
Miranda Watty's Exchange (Mature Compounding Stones)
How to obtain
Quest Reward: Indiana John - Spring's Daily Coral Beach
Monkey_T - Spring's Daily Desert Beach
Star Gazer Stella - Spring's Daily Megalopolis
Pharaoh Boy - Spring's Daily Caballa Relics
Marinel - Spring's Daily Oops Wharf
Entertainer Alicia - Spring's Daily Mermaid Palace
Star Gazer Stella - Spring's Daily Ghost Blue
Homeless Ian - Spring's Daily Rose Garden
Hair of Rosetta - Spring's Daily Black Swamp
Winnie - Spring's Daily Snow Hill
Star Gazer Stella - Spring's Daily Techichi Volcano
Guardian Kerberos - Spring's Daily Tapasco Volcano
Madam Sarah - Spring's Daily Abyss.
Open Carved Box 19 (3.3.2017).
Loot from Evil of Darkness - ED.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes