Test Quest
Npc Dancer Olinda Idle
NPC: Dancer Olinda
Location: Tartarus Entrance
Level 350+
Bring 1x Item Good Compound Waste Icon Good Compound Waste.
Quest Cycles: Unlimited
XP: 1 TM XP: 1
Cycle 1: Item 5 Galder Coupon Icon 5 Galder Coupon
Cycle 2: [[File:]]
Cycle 3: [[File:]]
Cycle 4: [[File:]]
Cycle 5: [[File:]]
Cycle 6: [[File:]]
Cycle 7: [[File:]]
Cycle 8: [[File:]]
Cycle 9: [[File:]]
Cycle 10: [[File:]]
Minimap Tartarus Entrance

NPC dialogue:

0 Character level is less than 350
NPC: "You have to be at least level 350 in order to help me."

1 Quest is not in the quest log
NPC: "Please, bring me 1x Good Compound Waste."
> Accept (=> dialogue canceled, quest added to quest log and quest view)
> Reject (=> dialogue canceled)

2 Quest is in the Quest log
--2a Character does not have Good Compound Waste (quest view is white)
NPC: "You can loot it from monsters."

--2b Character has Good Compound Waste (quest view is orange)
NPC: "Good job!"
> Accept Reward (NPC: "Thank You." + quest deleted from Quest log and quest view, quest added to Quest Record)
> Reject Reward (NPC: "Please, help me.")

--2c Full inventory (300/300)
NPC: "Your bag is full."

--2d Cant carry it (100% weight)
NPC: "You cant carry anything else."

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