Don Cavalier - Evil Don Giuvanni
Npc Don Cavalier
NPC: Don Cavalier
Location: The Sarcophagus
Quest Cycles: 1x
Condition: Level 200+, finished Don Cavalier - How To Break Free From Destiny.
Request: Kill 1 x
Evil Don Giuvanni
Monster Evil Don Giuvanni Idle
(Lv.400) in 20 minutes.
Found at: Evil Don Giuvanni (Lv.400) is found at Matrix.
XP: 0 TM: 0
Cycle 1: Transparent No reward.
Cycle 2: [[File:]]
Cycle 3: [[File:]]
Cycle 4: [[File:]]
Cycle 5: [[File:]]
Minimap The Sarcophagus
After the dialogue between Transformed Rosaline and Don Cavalier, interrupted by Evil Don Giuvanni, you'll be teleported to the Matrix to fight with Evil Don Giuvanni.
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