Don Danihen - Abraxas
Npc Don Danihen
NPC: Don Danihen
Location: Young Rosaline's Room
Quest Cycles: 1
Condition: Lv.180+, 3rd Job, Poseidon Seed matured,
finished Eclipse - Aid from Eclipse.
Request: Kill 1 x in 2 minutes.
Found at: Abraxas - Young Rosaline's Room
XP: 4,624,384 TM: 1,021,835
Cycle 1: 1x Card Don Danihen Card Icon Don Danihen Card
1x Box Blue Pouch Icon Gift from Danihen
1x Item Harkon Crystal Dust Icon Phantom Dust
Cycle 2:
Cycle 3:
Cycle 4:
Cycle 5:
Minimap Rosaline's Memory
Talk to Abraxas Mirror. It will teleport you to Abraxas - Young Rosaline's Room.
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