Draconic Circlet
Set name: Draconic Set (Sense / Firearm)
Set Bonus: AP + 420, AC + 32, DA + 32, DP + 220
Hat Draconic Circlet Icon Gun Draconic Bowgun Icon Ring Draconic Restraint Pendant Icon [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]]
Fire R
Gun Pendant

Hat Draconic Circlet

Hat Draconic Circlet Icon

5 Star
Required Value Weight
Level 300 0 450
Timed Refinable Temperable
No DP No
Compoundable Stats Slots
AC, MD, LK, Fire R Fire Resist 3
Elemental Property
Stats Ingame Stats Range Web Temper Range
Gun AP
Throw AP {{{Throw_AP_ingame_temper}}} {{{Throw_AP_web_temper}}}
AC 44 N/A
MD 512 N/A
LK 44 N/A
DP 512 N/A
HP Recovery {{{hp_recovery}}}
MP Recovery {{{mp_recovery}}}
Speed Boost {{{speed_boost}}}
A Spicy Dragon circlet that was finally freed from Neredeith's greed. It is engulfed with Tapasco Vocano's burning power, and it shines like no other in volcanic areas.
Legendary Unique Hat
How to obtain
Open Spicy Dragon Legendary Box.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Themed Items
Hat Draconic Circlet Icon Weapon Draconic Sword Icon Weapon Draconic Dagger Icon Weapon Draconic Staff Icon Gun Draconic Bowgun Icon Shield Draconic Shield Icon Ring Draconic Restraint Pendant Icon Hammer Draconic Hammer Icon [[File:]] [[File:]]
Hat Sword Dagger Staff Bowgun Shield Pendant Hammer
Notes: Draconic Circlet is part of every Draconic Set.
Check relevant weapon for set bonus.
Draconic Set (Power) = Circlet + Sword + Shield + Pendant
Draconic Set (Magic) = Circlet + Staff + Shield + Pendant
Draconic Set (Sense / Firearm) = Circlet + Bowgun + Pendant
Draconic Set (Charm) = Circlet + Dagger + Shield + Pendant
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