Magic Icon Magic Type - Dragon
Char Shaman Char Magician Char Priest Char Dark Lord Char Wizard
Shaman Magician Priest Dark Lord Wizard
1st job 2nd job pure 3rd job pure 3rd job hybrid 3rd job


The Dragon is the male counterpart of the Magic Type. The Dragon uses Cane type weapons for magic damage and Magic Ability (MA) to strengthen its attacks. The Dragon specializes in elemental magic, and fairly powerful area of effect (AoE) attack skills but also offers other useful abilities such as healing.


Cold-hearted male character with wing, tail, and a rake-shaped fin. He always uses his magic staff whenever he does his magic.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

A descendant of both Roma and Asian, Johan was adopted by his rich parents when he was young. He studied medicine because of his parents wishes, but soon becomes fascinated with astrology and alchemy. One day, he receives a sign that predicts his return to his gypsy roots and it comes true. After a while, Johan becomes their leader but is faced with lack of food and other resources. While searching for answers, he gets another sign that shows Caballa Island and he heads off to find wealth for his people.


Dragon Skills
1st Job - Shaman 2nd Job - Magician 3rd Job - Priest
TM Name
Skill Magical Soul Icon 0 Magical Soul
Skill Mana Arrow Icon 1 Mana Arrow
Skill Cure Icon 10 Cure
Skill Invincible Casting Icon 10 Invincible Casting
Skill Mana Ring Icon 20 Mana Ring
Skill Bottle of Mana Icon 20 Bottle of Mana
Skill Aura of Mana Icon 20 Aura of Mana
Skill Rust Icon 20 Rust
Skill Mana Web Icon 28 Mana Web
Skill Mana Shield Icon 30 Mana Shield
Skill Mana Storm Icon 35 Mana Storm
Skill Mist of Mana Icon 40 Mist of Mana
Skill Arrow Rush Icon 50 Arrow Rush
Skill Mana Ring Booster Icon 50 Mana Ring Booster
TM Name
Skill Hinder Snare Icon 41 Hinder Snare
Light Icon Light Skills
TM Name
Skill Light Pact Icon 55 Light Pact
Skill Arrow of Light Icon 55 Arrow of Light
Skill Catastrophe Heal Icon 60 Catastrophe Heal
Skill Oath of Light Icon 70 Oath of Light
Skill Light Shield Icon 95 Light Shield
Skill Basic Healing Icon 100 Basic Healing
Skill Light Wave Icon 115 Light Wave
Skill Radiant Strike Icon 120 Radiant Strike
Skill Heart's Grace Icon 120 Heart's Grace
Skill Shield of Heaven Icon 120 Shield of Heaven
Skill Revival Icon 210 Revival
Dark Icon Dark Skills
TM Name
Skill Dark Pact Icon 55 Dark Pact
Skill Hellfire Icon 55 Hellfire
Skill Wicked Flame Icon 60 Wicked Flame
Skill Blood Testament Icon 70 Blood Testament
Skill Dark Distractor Icon 80 Dark Distractor
Skill Dark Lance Icon 95 Dark Lance
Skill Dark Barrier Icon 115 Dark Barrier
Skill Gravity Crush Icon 125 Gravity Crush
Skill Withering Disease Icon 135 Withering Disease
TM Name
Skill Searing Light Icon 130 Searing Light
Skill Med. Cure Icon 140 Med. Cure
Skill Sacred Oath Icon 145 Sacred Oath
Skill Celestial Strike Icon 150 Celestial Strike
Skill Refreshing Dew Icon 240 Refreshing Dew
3rd Job - Dark Lord
TM Name
Skill Staff of Agony Icon 135 Staff of Agony
Skill Scythe Icon 140 Scythe
Skill Fear Icon 140 Fear
Skill Dark Commando Icon 155 Dark Commando
Skill Ghostly Whisper Icon 160 Ghostly Whisper
Skill Dark Assimilation Icon 240 Dark Assimilation


Shaman can advance to Magician.
Magician can advance to Priest, Dark Lord or Wizard.

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