Char Entertainer Big
Type Class Job Sex
Charm Cat 2nd job Female
Job Advancement
Entertainer can advance to Primadonna (Pure) or Diva (Hybrid).
See 3rd job Advancement for details.
Attack Style: Entertainers are very skillful using Galder and has superb physical capability. They can be transformed to a monster directly.
Rcmd. Stats:
Good for:
New Skills
Skill Volley Kick Icon Skill Galder Barrage Icon Skill Team Bolster Icon Skill Siren Song Icon Skill Evolution Icon Skill Beast Claw Icon Skill Fatal Wound Icon Skill Fist Full of Galders Icon Skill Sumo Suit Icon Skill Deadly Funk Icon Skill Aura Shatter Icon [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
[[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
[[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
Hair Colors Fashion Sets
Twinkle Coloring
Hair Twinkle Coloring Icon (1,400 MS)
Entertainer Hair 1
Entertainer Hair 2
Entertainer Hair 3
Entertainer Hair 4
Entertainer Hair 5
Entertainer Hair 6
Entertainer Hair 1
Entertainer Fashion Set 1
Fashion Entertainer Fashion Set 1
Entertainer Fashion Set 2
Fashion Entertainer Fashion Set 2
Entertainer Fashion Set 3
Fashion Entertainer Fashion Set 3
Entertainer Fashion Set 4
Fashion Entertainer Fashion Set 4
Twinkle Coloring 2
Hair Twinkle Coloring 2 Icon (2,700 MS)
Entertainer Hair 7
Entertainer Hair 8
Entertainer Hair 9
Entertainer Hair 10
Entertainer Hair 11
Entertainer Hair 1
[[File:]] Char Entertainer Idle Char Entertainer Walk [[File:]] Char Entertainer Ready Char Entertainer Attack [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Entertainer Energy [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Entertainer Happy
Sleep Idle Walk Run Ready Attack Critical Magic Dodge Energy Sad Angry Happy

Char Entertainer Big

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