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Cat Skills
2nd Job - Entertainer
TM Name
Skill Volley Kick Icon.png 41 Volley Kick
Skill Galder Barrage Icon.png 55 Galder Barrage
Skill Team Bolster Icon.png 65 Team Bolster
Skill Siren Song Icon.png 90 Siren Song
Skill Evolution Icon.png 110 Evolution
Skill Beast Claw Icon.png 120 Beast Claw
Skill Fatal Wound Icon.png 130 Fatal Wound
Skill Fist Full of Galders Icon.png 130 Fist Full of Galders
Skill Sumo Suit Icon.png 135 Sumo Suit
Skill Deadly Funk Icon.png 160 Deadly Funk
Skill Aura Shatter Icon.png 210 Aura Shatter