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Professor Komby

Forging is a technique to enhance the stats of the base equipment, by using the secondary equipment (same kind) with higher stats and adding it to the base equipment.
- Provided by Professor Komby on the safe floors of Tower of Chaos.
- Secondary equipment is consumed in the process.
- Only Chaos, Requiem and Altiverse equipment can be forged.
- Only the base equipment keeps its refine level and compound items. Refine level and compound items of the secondary equipment are not applied.
- There is 30 % chance that Forging will fail.
- If the Forging fails, the secondary equipment (2) will be destroyed, but you will keep the stats from the base equipment (1).
- Refine bonus is adjusted automatically.

Forging Chaos and Requiem Equipment

Chaos and Requiem equipment randomly applies the high stats from the equipment with the same name onto the base equipment.

Forging Altiverse Equipment

Compares the stats of the base and the secondary equipment and uses the higher stats. - register the item you wish to forge (1)
- register the secondary equipment (2)
- check "Preview Forging" section
- register the forging catalyst (3) (Item Willie's Stabilizer Icon.png Willie's Stabilizer, Item Willie's Stabilizer Icon.png Willie's Stabilizer Ev)
- click "Forging" button

Forging Altiverse 1.pngForging Altiverse 2.png

Important Notes About Forging
As previously shown for the Altiverse Equipment, if you have an equipment with refine and/or fuse and/or compounds, put it in the first slot, or else you'll loose all the benefits you previously had on that equipment.
Forging success is 70%. To put it to 100%, buy a Willie's Stabilizer in MyShop for 1,200 points or use the Willie's Stabilizer Ev and add it in the forging window.
You CANNOT forge if the 2nd slot equipment has ALL stats lower than the 1st slot equipment.