Fox Skills
1st Job - Archaeologist 2nd Job - Explorer 3rd Job - Thief Master
Archaeologist Skills
TM Name
Skill Precise Pitch Icon 41 Precise Pitch
Skill Item Detector Icon 55 Item Detector
Skill Aura of Luck Icon 70 Aura of Luck
Skill Chain of Knives Icon 80 Chain of Knives
Skill Mega Crazy Drilling Icon 80 Mega Crazy Drilling
Skill Gas Mask Icon 85 Gas Mask
Skill Landmine Icon 90 Landmine
Skill Sticky Icky Icon 105 Sticky Icky
Skill Lightning Rod Icon 110 Lightning Rod
Skill Pouch of Pain Icon 115 Pouch of Pain
Skill Fan of Knives Icon 130 Fan of Knives
Skill Rain of Knives Icon 210 Rain of Knives
TM Name
Skill Explosives Expert Icon 120 Explosives Expert
Skill Poison Pouch Icon 125 Poison Pouch
Skill Hide Icon 130 Hide
Skill Poison Assault Icon 135 Poison Assault
Skill Strong Mind Icon 140 Strong Mind
Skill Sudden Attack Icon 150 Sudden Attack
Skill Exploit Weakness Icon 240 Exploit Weakness
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