Item Boy Thomas - Help Me Piece a Die!
Npc Item Boy Thomas
NPC: Item Boy Thomas
Location: Megalopolis Square
1x Item Ace Die Icon Ace Die, 1x Item Deuce Die Icon Deuce Die,
1x Item Trey Die Icon Trey Die, 1x Item Cater Die Icon Cater Die,
1x Item Cinque Die Icon Cinque Die, 1x Item Sice Die Icon Sice Die
Quest Cycles: Unlimited
XP: 0 TM XP: 0
Cycle 1: 1x dice roll at the Event Reward Board
Cycle 2:
Cycle 3:
Cycle 4:
Cycle 5:
Cycle 6:
Cycle 7:
Cycle 8:
Cycle 9:
Cycle 10:
Minimap Megalopolis Square
All dies are obtained by opening Box Dice Star Gift Box Icon Dice Star Gift Box, that is obtained by drilling everywhere and hunting all monsters.
Once the die is completed, the information will be transmitted to the website and you'll be able to use the dice for the event.
1 completed die = 1 roll at the Event Reward Board.
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