Npc Item Girl Big
Name: Item Girl
1. Coral Town - Blooming Cora

2. Gate of Desert Beach
3. Paradise Shop
4. Megalopolis Shop
5. Event Garden - Ceremonia
6. Gate of Poppuri Dungeon
7. Gate of Caballa Relics
8. Tower of Chaos Entrance (1st Floor)
9. Tower of Chaos 7th Floor (Safe Floor)
10. Tower of Chaos 13th Floor (Safe Floor)
11. Tower of Chaos 19th Floor (Safe Floor)
12. Tower of Chaos 25th Floor (Safe Floor)
13. Tower of Chaos 31st Floor (Safe Floor)
14. Tower of Chaos 37th Floor (Safe Floor)
15. Tower of Chaos 43rd Floor (Safe Floor)
16. Tower of Chaos 49th Floor (Safe Floor)
17. Tower of Chaos 55th Floor (Safe Floor)
18. Tower of Chaos 61st Floor (Safe Floor)
19. Tower of Chaos 67th Floor (Safe Floor)
20. Gate of Oops Wharf
21. Oops Wharf
22. Entrance of Mermaid Palace
23. Mermaid Palace Field 4 - Rock Square
24. Gate to Mirage Island
25. Gate of Ghost Blue
26. Aquarius Shop
27. Gate of Vamp Castle
28. Underground Dev Room - Lobby
29. Gate of Black Swamp
30. Carbigal Shop
31. Laplanoel Shopping Mall
32. Gate of Blue Ice Dungeon
33. Gate of Techichi
34. Techichi Town - Neil Camp
35. Gate of Black Ash
36. Gate of Tapasco Volcano
37. Abyss Town - Platonia
38. Tartarus - Ancient God B4
39. Fiesta Zones
40. Colosseum Waiting Room

Fiesta Zones


Name Price Use
Ammo Ammo Icon Ammo 5 Ammunition
Potion Pink Potion B Icon Pink Potion B 60 Potion
Potion Blue Potion B Icon Blue Potion B 80 Potion
Potion Pink Potion C Icon Pink Potion C 150 Potion
Potion Blue Potion C Icon Blue Potion C 200 Potion
Potion Herb Potion Icon Herb Potion 300 Potion
Potion Gold Pearl Potion Icon Gold Pearl Potion 400 Potion
Potion Elixir Extract Icon Elixir Extract 600 Potion
Potion Jewelry Potion Icon Jewelry Potion 800 Potion
Item Portable Port Deluxe Icon Portable Port Deluxe 1,500 Teleport Item
Potion Worldly Cure Icon Worldly Cure 4,000 Potion
Potion Twinkle Potion Icon Twinkle Potion 4,000 Potion




Name Price Use
Card Empty Card Icon Empty Card 10 Ammunition

Name Price Use
Ammo Big Needle Icon Big Needle 30 Ammunition
Ammo Saw Blade Ring Icon Saw Blade Ring 500 Ammunition
Ammo Throwing Dagger Icon Throwing Dagger 510 Ammunition
Ammo Willow Dagger Icon Willow Dagger 540 Ammunition
Ammo Fir Dagger Icon Fir Dagger 570 Ammunition

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