Janus's Messenger - Guardian of the Spirit
Npc Janus's Messenger Crop
NPC: Janus's Messenger
Location: Janus's Secret Hideaway - Memory of Flames
Lv.180+, 3rd Job, Poseidon Seed matured,
finished Janus's Messenger - Janus's Gate.
1x Item Harkon Icon Harkon
1x Item Harkon Crystal Dust Icon Phantom Dust
1x Item Secret Space Map Icon Secret Space Map
Quest Cycles: 1
XP: 3,774,425 TM XP: 834,022
Cycle 1: Book Stars and Fortunes Book Icon Guardian Guide
Book Letter Icon Eclipse's Message
Cycle 2:
Cycle 3:
Cycle 4:
Cycle 5:
Cycle 6:
Cycle 7:
Cycle 8:
Cycle 9:
Cycle 10:
Minimap Janus's Secret Hideaway - Memory of Flames
After accepting the quest, Janus's Messenger offers to send you to Eclipse.
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