Janus Pet

Pet Janus Pet

Pet Janus Pet Icon

5 Star
Required Value Weight
1 0 1
Compounding Ability
Pet modeled after Janus. Designed by RedSonja.
Created by GM Wan for Playtrickster.
Pet skin.
How to obtain
Buy in MyShop for 15,000 MS Points.
Event Reward: September Event Version 1: Janus’s Mask (Hunting),
September Event Version 2: White Day Candy (Drilling).
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes No Yes
Event Reward: Exchange with NPC Janus in Event Garden - Ceremonia for 15 x Item 7th Anniversary Ticket 1 Icon Janus Hunt Ticket or 30 x Item 7th Anniversary Ticket 2 Icon Janus Drill Ticket.

Monster Janus Idle Pet Janus Pet Move Monster Janus Fight
Idle Move Fight
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