King Poppuri - 3. Test of King Poppuri
Npc King Poppuri
NPC: King Poppuri
Location: Tartarus - Ancient God B3 Cage 1
Level 320+, finished Certification Registry - 1. Barrier Registration.
Item Chain Icon 3x Chain of Pirate
Item Exhaust Stack of Bio Junk Icon 3x Exhaust Stack of Bio Junk
Item Shackle Ring Icon 3x Fetters of Guard Ian
Quest Cycles: Unlimited
XP: 220,525 TM XP: 74,248
Cycle 1: 1x Item Julio's Key Icon Key 3
1-3x Item Gold Icon Key 8 material 2
Cycle 2:
Cycle 3:
Cycle 4:
Cycle 5:
Cycle 6:
Cycle 7:
Cycle 8:
Cycle 9:
Cycle 10:
Report the quest to King Poppuri at Tartarus - Ancient God B4.
Item Chain Icon Chain of Pirate is dropped by Ancient Pirate.
Item Exhaust Stack of Bio Junk Icon Exhaust Stack of Bio Junk is dropped by Ancient Bio Junk.
Item Shackle Ring Icon Fetters of Guard Ian is dropped by Ancient Guard Ian.
Next quest in trials: Certification Registry - 3. Barrier Registration.
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