King Poppuri - 4. Test of King Poppuri
Npc King Poppuri
NPC: King Poppuri
Location: Tartarus - Ancient God B3 Cage 1
Level 320+, finished Certification Registry - 3. Barrier Registration.
Find Robin Van Peruoza in secret space and bring 1x Item Scroll of Robin Icon [JP]Scroll of Robin.
Quest Cycles: Unlimited
XP: 110,263 TM XP: 37,124
Cycle 1: 1x Item Julio's Key Icon Key 4
1-3x Item Gold Icon Key 8 material 3
Cycle 2:
Cycle 3:
Cycle 4:
Cycle 5:
Cycle 6:
Cycle 7:
Cycle 8:
Cycle 9:
Cycle 10:
Report the quest to King Poppuri at Tartarus - Ancient God B4.
Scroll of Robin is obtained from Robin Van Peruoza - Test of Robin Van Peruoza.
Next quest in trials: Certification Registry - 4. Barrier Registration.
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