King Poppuri - Harkon Guardian Battle
Npc King Poppuri.png
NPC: King Poppuri
Location: Gate of Nefertiti Shrine
Base XP: 7,580,776 TM: 1,404,191
Item Dark Heart Icon.png Dark Heart
Finished Love Hunter Robin - Robin's Memory.
1x Item 10000 Galder Coupon Icon.png 10,000 Galder Coupon
1x Card King Poppuri Card Icon.png King Poppuri Card
Next quest in Episode: King Poppuri - Nefertiti's Descendant Trickster
Minimap Gate of Nefertiti Shrine.png
Item Dark Heart Icon.png Dark Heart is dropped by Chronos (Lv.720).
After you start this quest, King Poppuri teleports you to Nefertiti's Audience Chamber and the Harkon Guardian Battle starts.
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