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Char Librarian Big.png
Type Class Job Sex
Magic Sheep 1st job Female
Job Advancement
Librarian can advance to Bard.
See Advancement to Bard for details.
Attack Style: Long range magic attacks.
Rcmd. Stats: Magic-Type, Sense-Type.
Pros: Strong against multiple enemies.
Cons: Weak at defense.
Good for: Advanced players seeking elemental magic.
New Skills
Magical Soul Mana Arrow Cure Invincible Casting Mana Ring Bottle of Mana Aura of Mana Rust Mana Web Mana Shield Mana Storm Mist of Mana Arrow Rush Mana Ring Booster [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
[[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
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Hair Colors Fashion Sets
Sheep Hair Dye
Hair Sheep Hair Dye Icon.png (2,700 MS)
Librarian Hair 1.png
Librarian Hair 2.png
Librarian Hair 3.png
Librarian Hair 4.png
Librarian Hair 5.png
Librarian Hair 6.png
Librarian Hair 7.png
Librarian Hair 8.png
Librarian Hair 9.png
Librarian Hair 10.png
Librarian Hair 11.png
Librarian Hair 1.png
Librarian Fashion Set 1
Fashion Librarian Fashion Set 1.png
Librarian Fashion Set 2
Fashion Librarian Fashion Set 2.png
Librarian Fashion Set 3
Fashion Librarian Fashion Set 3.png
Librarian Fashion Set 4
Fashion Librarian Fashion Set 4.png
Librarian Fashion Set 5
Fashion Librarian Fashion Set 5.png
Pearl Dye Coloring
Hair Pearl Dye Coloring Icon.png (2,700 MS)
Librarian Hair 12.png
Librarian Hair 13.png
Librarian Hair 14.png
Librarian Hair 15.png
Librarian Hair 16.png
Librarian Hair 17.png
Librarian Hair 18.png
Librarian Hair 19.png
Librarian Hair 20.png
Librarian Hair 21.png
Librarian Hair 1.png
[[File:]] Char Librarian Idle.gif Char Librarian Walk.gif [[File:]] Char Librarian Ready.gif Char Librarian Attack.gif [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Librarian Energy.gif [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Librarian Happy.gif
Sleep Idle Walk Run Ready Attack Critical Magic Dodge Energy Sad Angry Happy

Char Librarian Big.png