Sense Icon Sense Type - Lion
Char Engineer Char Inventor Char Scientist Char Cyber Hunter
Engineer Inventor Scientist Cyber Hunter
1st job 2nd job pure 3rd job hybrid 3rd job


The Lion is the male counterpart of the Sense Type. The Lion uses Gun type weapons for gun damage and Accuracy (AC) to strengthen its attacks. The Lion specializes in quick, and fairly powerful one-to-one attack skills but also offers other useful abilities such as being able to increase critical hits and attack multiple enemies (AoE).


He is brave, smart, and quick on his feet. He always wears cargo shorts and carries loads of fun and useful gadgets with him.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

Leo studied engineering in hopes of one day building a robot by himself. “World Robot Building Contest”, the world cup of robot building contest which is held every 4 years, is being hosted this year. But he needs money to get all the materials necessary to compete. Leo comes to Caballa Island to raise fund for this competition.


Lion Skills
1st Job - Engineer 2nd Job - Inventor 3rd Job - Scientist
TM Name
Skill Stone Shower Icon 1 Stone Shower
Skill Invincible Drill Icon 1 Invincible Drill
Skill Sixth Sense Icon 1 Sixth Sense
Skill Stone Strike Icon 1 Stone Strike
Skill Gun Carrier Icon 5 Gun Carrier
Skill Heavy Carrier Icon 10 Heavy Carrier
Skill Bull's Eye Icon 10 Special Bull's Eye
Skill Shuriken Master Icon 15 Shuriken Master
Skill Invincible Reload Icon 20 Invincible Reload
Skill Sticky Foot Icon 20 Sticky Foot
Skill Gun Booster Icon 30 Gun Booster
Skill Basic Detection Icon 35 Basic Detection
Skill Armor Destructor Icon 40 Armor Destructor
Skill Quick Reload Icon 40 Quick Reload
Skill Lucky Seven Icon 50 Lucky Seven
Skill Anger Management Icon 55 Anger Management
Skill Compound Master Icon 70 Compound Master
TM Name
Skill Butt Plate Icon 41 Butt Plate
Skill Power Shot Icon 55 Power Shot
Skill Shooting Spree Icon 70 Shooting Spree
Skill Lucky Fist Icon 95 Lucky Fist
Skill Keen Sense Icon 100 Keen Sense
Skill Lock-on Icon 110 Lock-on
Skill Double Shot Icon 115 Double Shot
Skill Shield Breaker Icon 125 Shield Breaker
Skill Leg Training Icon 130 Leg Training
Skill Speedloader Icon 210 Speedloader
TM Name
Skill Revealing Eye Icon 130 Revealing Eye
Skill Berserk Icon 135 Berserk
Skill Gun Overdrive Icon 140 Gun Overdrive
Skill Sharp Sense Icon 150 Sharp Sense
Skill Bunker Icon 240 Bunker
Skill Bunker Release Icon 240 Bunker Release


Engineer can advance to Inventor.
Inventor can advance to Scientist or Cyber Hunter.

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