Power Type - Bunny
1st job 2nd job 3rd job (Pure) 3rd job (Hybrid)
Schoolgirl Boxer Champion Duelist
Skills Skills Skills Skills


Schoolgirl's skills
  TM Name
Armor Breaker
30Armor Breaker
Bull's Eye
10Bull's Eye
Burning Rave
20Burning Rave
Hyper Beat
45Hyper Beat
Luck Breaker
20Luck Breaker
Pumping Heart
25Pumping Heart
Sense Breaker
20Sense Breaker
Steel Punch
0Steel Punch
Tornado Bomb
50Tornado Bomb
Upper Smash
40Upper Smash
See also Bunny Skills.

The Bunny is the female counterpart of the Power Type. The Bunny uses Sword type weapons for melee damage and Attack Power (AP) to strengthen its attacks. The Bunny specializes in powerful one-to-one attack skills but also offers other useful skills that allow the Bunny to move around the field quickly and even the ability to block other melee attacks.

A cute and tomboyish schoolgirl, she was a member of her high school boxing club, and still wears a pair of regulation gloves here on the island.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island:
The schoolgirl Niea is an all-around athlete who has never lost in any kind of athletic competition. While she was getting bored with her usual excellence in ordinary sports, she was offered a chance to save the boxing club of her school. Niea soon sets her goal of obtaining the Junior Championship. While training, she sees the one and only boxing glove made of mammoth leather in an auction and comes to Caballa Island to earn money to buy her treasure.

File:Bunny Jump.gif File:Bunny fight.gif

Hair Dye

Bunny Hair Dye
2,700 Points
Bunny Hair Dye

Schoolgirl Basic Hair

Pearl Dye Coloring
2,700 Points
Two Tone Coloring

Schoolgirl Professional Hair


Boxer Jeanne - Bunny 2nd Job Quest
NPC: Boxer Jeanne Location: Relics Town - Azteca
Base XP: 1,000,000 TM XP: 12,000,000
Request: Growth Badge, 3x 100k Galder Check
Quest Cycles: 1x Condition: Level 60+ and TM level 50+
Cycle 1: Sign of Fighting Spirit
Notes: Boxer Jeanne can be found at Room of Job Administrator 1 too (located in Garden of Skill Master (Megalopolis)).
Growtd Badge is dropped by Kaboom (Lv. 60) located in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4 and 100k Galder Check is bought from Andrew for 105,000 Galders.
After advancing, your Bunny's sprite art will change to tdeir new job look, and your Bunny is now able to wear Capes. At any time you can revert to your first job look (Schoolgirl) by paying 50,000 Galders to Louis Bitton, and 50,000 Galders again to change back to second job look (Boxer).

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Skill Template

Type Req. TM Level Prerequisite Skills
Passive 1 Steel Punch (Lv. 1)
sdfgsdfgfsgdfgsdfg (Lv. 2)
Icon Learn Mastery Mastery Item
[[file:{{{icon}}}]] 1 2 Clione Card x 2
Level 123 23
1 123 asd
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3 {{{a3}}}
4 {{{a4}}}
5 {{{a5}}}
6 {{{a6}}}
7 {{{a7}}}
8 {{{a8}}}
9 {{{a9}}}
10 {{{a10}}}
Master {{{a_master}}}
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Required Weight Value
Level {{{required}}} {{{weight}}} {{{value}}}
Timed Refinable Tempering
{{{time}}} {{{refinable}}} {{{temper}}}
Compoundable Stats Slots
{{{stats}}} {{{slots}}}
Elemental Property
File:Water A.gif Water Attr 50%
Stats Ingame Temper Range Web Temper Range
AP 123 2312 ~ 1233
AC {{{ac_ingame}}} {{{ac_web}}}
DX {{{dx_ingame}}} {{{dx_web}}}
MP {{{mp_ingame}}} {{{mp_web}}}
MA 123 ~ 123 {{{ma_web}}}
MD {{{md_ingame}}} {{{md_web}}}
WT {{{wt_ingame}}} {{{wt_web}}}
DA {{{da_ingame}}} {{{da_web}}}
LK {{{lk_ingame}}} {{{lk_web}}}
HP {{{hp_ingame}}} {{{hp_web}}}
DP {{{dp_ingame}}} {{{dp_web}}}
HV {{{hv_ingame}}} {{{hv_web}}}
How to Obtain
Tradeable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
{{{tradeable}}} {{{bankable}}} {{{droppable}}} {{{sellable}}}
Notes: Notes here.



Required Weight Value
Level {{{required}}} {{{weight}}} {{{value}}}
Reinforcement Slots
{{{reinforcement}}} {{{slots}}}
Stats Training Range
AP 234
AC {{{ac}}}
DX {{{dx}}}
MP {{{mp}}}
MA 123 ~ 123
MD {{{md}}}
WT {{{wt}}}
DA {{{da}}}
LK {{{lk}}}
HP {{{hp}}}
DP {{{dp}}}
HV {{{hv}}}
HP recovery {{{hp_recovery}}}x
MP recovery {{{mp_recovery}}}x
Galder Autolooting
How to Obtain
Tradeable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
{{{tradeable}}} {{{bankable}}} {{{droppable}}} {{{sellable}}}
Notes: Notes here.


Ghostly Whisper
Skill Ghostly Whisper Big
Icon Type Guardian Prerequisite Skills
Skill Ghostly Whisper Icon Timer No Dark Commando (Lv. 1)
TM Level TM Learn TM Master Mastery Item
160 4 5 L. Wormhole Card L. Wormhole Card x 5
Targeted enemies become haunted by a dark presence and take damage over time.
(MA - 49) * Ratio
Level MP Cooldown Radius Duration Ratio Targets Success
1 400 10 seconds 100 6 seconds 12.0 2 0.70
2 440 10 seconds 105 7 seconds 12.8 2 0.72
3 480 10 seconds 110 8 seconds 13.6 2 0.74
4 520 10 seconds 115 9 seconds 14.4 2 0.76
5 560 10 seconds 120 10 seconds 15.2 2 0.78
6 600 10 seconds 125 11 seconds 16.0 2 0.80
7 640 10 seconds 130 12 seconds 16.8 3 0.82
8 680 10 seconds 135 13 seconds 17.6 3 0.84
9 720 10 seconds 140 14 seconds 18.4 3 0.86
10 760 10 seconds 145 15 seconds 19.2 3 0.88
Master 880 10 seconds 160 18 seconds 21.6 4 0.94
Notes: Dark attribute magic skill.
Keep in mind that when activating Ghostly Whisper, upon moving, the skill will cancel. Potions and other skills, as long as you don't move, are usable.
Acquired from Wunjo Card Pack.
Critical Hit does + 10 %. Formula OK.

Dark Assimilation
Skill Dark Assimilation Big
Icon Type Guardian Prerequisite Skills
Skill Dark Assimilation Icon Timer No Ghostly Whisper (Lv. Master)
TM Level TM Learn TM Master Mastery Item
240 6 4 Reggae Orc Card Reggae Orc Card x 5
Increases your Dark attribute.
Dark Attr % * Ratio
Level MP Casting Time Cooldown Ratio Duration {{{f_name}}} {{{g_name}}} {{{h_name}}}
1 1,000 1 second 150 seconds 1.02 100 seconds
2 1,150 1 second 155 seconds 1.03 105 seconds
3 1,300 1 second 160 seconds 1.05 110 seconds
4 1,450 1 second 165 seconds 1.06 115 seconds
5 1,600 1 second 170 seconds 1.08 120 seconds
6 1,750 1 second 175 seconds 1.09 125 seconds
7 1,900 1 second 180 seconds 1.11 130 seconds
8 2,050 1 second 185 seconds 1.12 135 seconds
9 2,200 1 second 190 seconds 1.14 140 seconds
10 2,350 1 second 195 seconds 1.15 145 seconds
Master 2,500 1 second 200 seconds 1.20 160 seconds
Notes: Obtained from Chaos Tower monsters above 36th floor.
Always rounded down. Formula OK.
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