Magic Icon Master Mong ( Lv.25 )

Monster Master Mong Idle

Master Mong Seal

Coral Beach Boss
AP 120 Fire R 11 %
AC 58 Water R 14 %
DX 9 Air R 11 %
MP 1,755 Soil R 11 %
MA 62 Elec R 11 %
MD 230 Light R 20 %
WT 3,560 Dark R 11 %
DA 8 Magic R 12 %
LK 8 Phys R 2 %
HP 1,815 x 4 Gun R 1 %
DP 234 Shadow R 0 %
HV 0
XP / TM Aggro MonProtect
1,815 / 510 Yes {{{mon_protect}}}
Physical, Gun
Water, Light
Melee Attribute:
Light A 30 % Light Attribute
Coral Beach Boss Room
MQ / PQ target:
Skill Name Level Skill Name Level
Skill Mana Arrow Icon Mana Arrow 2 Skill Cure Icon M Cure 1, 4
Skill Mana Shield Icon Mana Shield 1 Skill Mana Ring Icon M Mana Ring 1
Skill Rust Icon Rust 2 Skill Mana Storm Icon M Mana Storm 1
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Monster Thiefmon Idle [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]]
Level 15+
Notes: Doesnt give a seal anymore.
6x Master Mong respawn every 10 minutes. (?)
Summons 3-4x Thiefmon up to 40.

Name Use
Item Galder Icon 200 - 600 Galders (10 %) Currency
Transparent Master Mong Card Card
Item Yellow Monkey Fur Icon Master Mong's Fur Quest Item
Potion Pink Potion A Icon Pink Potion A Potion
Potion Blue Potion A Icon Blue Potion A Potion
Shield Wood Shield Icon Old Wood Shield Shield
Gun Ebony Gun Icon Chaos Ebony Gun Gun
Weapon Staff Icon Chaos Staff Weapon
Weapon Sword Icon Master Sword Weapon
Weapon Bokken Icon Ult. Bokken Weapon
Weapon Staff Icon Ult. Kane Rod Weapon
Weapon Staff Icon Ult. Staff Weapon
Gun Wood Gun Icon Ult. Wood Gun Gun
Item Pointy Object Icon 1-5x Pointy Object Compounding Item

Master Mong Trials:

Monkey_T - Transfer to Coral Beach Boss Room
Npc Monkey T Carpet
NPC: Monkey_T
Location: Coral Beach - Dark Cave
Request: 3x Item Addax's Horn Icon Addax's Horn (consumed)
Condition: Level 15 - 40
Transfer to: Coral Beach Boss Room
Minimap Coral Beach - Dark Cave
Item Addax's Horn Icon Addax's Horn is dropped by Addax.
Level 41+ characters have to pay 300,000 Galders instead of Addax's Horns.

Monster Master Mong Big

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