Med. Cure
Skill Med. Cure Big
Type Req. TM Level Prerequisite Skills
On/Off 140 Basic Healing (Lv. 1)
Icon Learn Mastery Mastery Item
Skill Med. Cure Icon 3 0 N/A
Cures Shockvibe, Sense Breaker, Luck Breaker, Armor Breaker, Rust, Sticky Foot, Armor Destructor, Magic Meltdown, Magic Def Breaker, Skunk Pouch, Electroshock, Fear, Wicked Flame, Deadly Funk, Sticky Icky, Entrancing Wink. Up to 3 people can be cured.
Level MP Casting Time Cooldown
1 1000 1 second 10 seconds
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Notes: Acquired from Card Pack Ur.
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