Mileage Box 140

Box Boxer Bunny Box

Box Boxer Bunny Box Icon
Required Value Weight
Level 1 0 1
This box contains random myshop usables. And a small chance to get a Kitty Sprint 140.
Box. Double click to open.
How to Obtain
Exchange for 4 Mileage at Mileage Shop.
Item Amethyst Elixir Icon 1x Amethyst Elixir Item Growth Vitamin Icon 1x Growth Vitamin
Item Artisan's Flame Icon 2x Artisan's Flame Item Lock Candy Icon 2x Lock Candy
Item Black Green Elixir Icon 1x Black/Green Elixir Item Nate's Bottle Icon 1x Nate's Bottle
Item Black Elixir Icon 1x Black Elixir Item Pink Elixir Icon 1x Pink Elixir
Box Yellow Box Icon 1x Cat Accessory Box 140 Item Protein Candy Icon 2x Protein Candy
Item Craftsman's Anvil Icon 3x Craftsman's Anvil Item Repair Powder Icon 2x Repair Powder
Item Erin's Secret Book Icon 1x Erin's Secret Book Item Shara's Bottle Icon 2x Shara's Bottle
Item Gold Tempering Gem Icon 1x Gold Tempering Gem Item White Green Elixir Icon 1x White/Green Elixir
Item Green Elixir Icon 1x Green Elixir Item White Elixir Icon 1x White Elixir
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Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Yes No Yes
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