Char Model Big
Type Class Job Sex
Charm Cat 1st job Female
Job Advancement
Model can advance to Entertainer.
See Advancement to Entertainer for details.
Attack Style: Close range physical attack.
Rcmd. Stats: Charm-Type, Power-Type.
Pros: Excels at defense.
Cons: Weak physical attack damage.
Good for: Those who put beauty first!
New Skills
Skill Warm Up Icon Skill Power Blow Icon Skill Dodge Master Icon Skill Galder Thrower Icon Skill Magic Meltdown Icon Skill Magic Def Breaker Icon Skill Mana Reflector Icon Skill Shield All Icon Skill Sturdy Shield Icon Skill Titanium Wrist Icon Skill Skunk Pouch Icon Skill Physical Training Icon Skill Final Blow Icon [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
[[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
[[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]] [[File:|link=|]]
Hair Colors Fashion Sets
Cat Hair Dye
Hair Cat Hair Dye Icon (2,700 MS)
Model Hair 1
Model Hair 2
Model Hair 3
Model Hair 4
Model Hair 5
Model Hair 6
Model Hair 7
Model Hair 8
Model Hair 9
Model Hair 10
Model Hair 11
Model Hair 1
Model Fashion Set 1
Fashion Model Fashion Set 1
Model Fashion Set 2
Fashion Model Fashion Set 2
Model Fashion Set 3
Fashion Model Fashion Set 3
Model Fashion Set 4
Fashion Model Fashion Set 4
Model Fashion Set 5
Fashion Model Fashion Set 5
Hana Coloring
Hair Hana Coloring Icon (2,700 MS)
Model Hair 12
Model Hair 13
Model Hair 14
Model Hair 15
Model Hair 16
Model Hair 17
Model Hair 18
Model Hair 19
Model Hair 20
Model Hair 21
Model Hair 1
[[File:]] Char Model Idle Char Model Walk [[File:]] Char Model Ready Char Model Attack [[File:]] [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Model Energy [[File:]] [[File:]] Char Model Happy
Sleep Idle Walk Run Ready Attack Critical Magic Dodge Energy Sad Angry Happy

Char Model Big

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