Needleless Compass

Item Needleless Compass.png

Item Needleless Compass Icon.png

Required Value Weight
Level 0 2,200 90
Compounding Ability
A high quality compass with 16 beautiful stones set in it's exterior.
It is missing a needle which is the most important piece.
Quest Item: Vulcanus Phoenix's Messenger - Champion Job Quest,
Vulcanus Phoenix's Messenger - Zoologist Job Quest,
Delphinus's Messenger - Gambler Job Quest.
How to obtain
Quest Reward: Boxer Jeanne - Making the Compass,
Warrior Kei - Making the Compass,
Trainer Mimi - Making the Compass,
Bard La Fimmel - Making the Compass,
Magician Louie - Making the Compass,
Explorer Reina - Making the Compass,
Inventor Gale - Making the Compass,
Entertainer Elicia - Making the Compass,
Card Master Taniel - Making the Compass.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Storage only. No No
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