Point Back 40

Potion Point Back 40

Potion Point Back 40 Icon

Required Value Weight
Level 0 0 1
Compounding Ability
Bonus Point Reset item which allows 40 character stat points to be returned.
Any of 40 points can be chosen to be returned for later use.
Reset Item.
How to obtain
Open RTO BOX 3.
Buy in MyShop for 2,500 MS Points.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes No Yes
Up to 40 points can be returned.
For Example: if you want to return only 12 points, you can, but Point Back 40 will be consumed anyway.
Click "Initialize" to return your points.
Bug: Initialize button is missing "a" -> Initilize.

Point Back 40

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