Char Primadonna Big


A beautiful rising star who gains perfect power of both full charm and entertaining at the cost of gaining the ability to use cards becomes a charmingly Primadonna. She is able to turn a show with her all new beastly moves and charming routines, comboing her performance a Primadonna can now assist to turn down boring magic shows and with her raging transform abilities she will scream to her enemies to gain more popularity.


Primadonna Idle

Hair Color

Upon job advancing, all new Primadonnas will start out with a default yellow hair color. If you want to change the color, you can purchase a Hair Dye item from MyShop. Once the item is used, your character will always have that color hair in that job, unless changed later. If you revert back to a previous job however, you will use whichever hair color that job was set at.



She can learn Primadonna skills - 3rd job Cat Skills.

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