Officer Tera - Jade Steel Party Quest
Npc Officer Tera

  NPC: Officer Tera Location: Caballa Relics Mine - Jade Steel
 Monster:Leprechaun (Lv.225)
 Condition:Level 150~179, all party members must be in Caballa Relics Mine - Jade Steel.
Amount of
Time XP / TM Reward
28x10 min~ / ~2x 10,000 Galder Coupon or
3x Chaos's Feather 140 or
3x Chaos's Feather 155 or
3x Chaos's Feather 170
312x10 min~ / ~
416x10 min~ / ~
520x10 min~ / ~
624x10 min~ / ~
  Found at: Leprechaun is found at 2nd Closed Lot of Jade Steel.
 Notes: Amount of experience fluctuates (depends mostly on the number of kills).
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