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Charm Icon.png Charm Type - Raccoon
Char Teacher.png Char Card Master.png Char Gambler.png Char Duke.png
Teacher Card Master Gambler Duke
1st job 2nd job pure 3rd job hybrid 3rd job


The Raccoon is a Charm Type character, that primarily utilizes Sword type weapons.


A very stylish and fashionable male character. He loves to stand out from the crowd and shows his personality through his round sunglasses.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

Holden comes to an all-girl’s school as a student teacher. He comes from a teacher’s family. His outstanding social skills and manners make him the most popular teacher in the school. When the news regarding the Caballa Island surfaces, 7 students from his school run away at the same time. They are members of the 7-Princess Club, the most notorious gang in the school. Knowing that they are off to find the hidden treasure, Holden heads off to Caballa Island to bring the girls back home safely.


Raccoon Skills
1st Job - Teacher 2nd Job - Card Master 3rd Job - Gambler
TM Name
Skill Warm Up Icon.png 0 Warm Up
Skill Power Blow Icon.png 1 Power Blow
Skill Dodge Master Icon.png 10 Dodge Master
Skill Galder Thrower Icon.png 20 Galder Thrower
Skill Magic Meltdown Icon.png 20 Magic Meltdown
Skill Magic Def Breaker Icon.png 20 Magic Def Breaker
Skill Mana Reflector Icon.png 20 Mana Reflector
Skill Shield All Icon.png 25 Shield All
Skill Sturdy Shield Icon.png 30 Sturdy Shield
Skill Titanium Wrist Icon.png 40 Titanium Wrist
Skill Skunk Pouch Icon.png 40 Skunk Pouch
Skill Physical Training Icon.png 45 Physical Training
Skill Final Blow Icon.png 50 Final Blow
TM Name
Skill Card Strike Icon.png 41 Card Strike
Skill Super Hips Icon.png 55 Super Hips
Skill Bodyguard Icon.png 65 Bodyguard
Skill Impelling Rage Icon.png 100 Impelling Rage
Skill Furious Galder Throw Icon.png 115 Furious Galder Throw
Skill Flux Capacitor Icon.png 115 Flux Capacitor
Skill Metamorphosis Icon.png 115 Metamorphosis
Skill Wild Nail Icon.png 125 Wild Nail
Skill One Pair Icon.png 125 One Pair
Skill Lady Luck Icon.png 160 Lady Luck
Skill Mass Destruction Icon.png 210 Mass Destruction
TM Name
Skill Power Charging Icon.png 135 Power Charging
Skill Heavy Hit Icon.png 140 Heavy Hit
Skill Full House Icon.png 150 Full House
Skill (Summon) Card Soldier Icon.png 170 (Summon) Card Soldier
Skill Four of A Kind Icon.png 240 Four of A Kind


Teacher can advance to Card Master.
Card Master can advance to Gambler or Duke.