Resurrect Scroll

Item Resurrect Scroll

Item Resurrect Scroll Icon

Required Value Weight
Level 0 50,000 1
Compounding Ability
This special scroll will bring you back to life on the spot. You can use it on others as well.
Scroll. This scroll can be used after your character reaches 0 HP. Recovers 50% of HP and MP. Reduces EXP penalty by 50% when used.
If you have a Monster Quest in progress, your quest wont be lost as well.
How to obtain
Buy in MyShop for 500 MS Points.
Open Fiesta Gift Box A, Fiesta Gift Box B, Fiesta Gift Box C, Lv. 120 Gift Box.
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
No Yes No Yes
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