Robin Van Peruoza - To Be a Guardian
Npc Robin Van Peruoza
NPC: Robin Van Peruoza
Location: The Shrine's Secret Passage
Quest Cycles: 1x
Condition: Level 200+, finished King Poppuri - Guardian Robin.
Request: Kill 1 x (Lv.350) in 20 minutes.
Found at: Matrix
XP: 7,580,776 TM: 1,404,191
Cycle 1: Item 10000 Galder Coupon Icon 1x 10,000 Galder Coupon
Card Robin Van Peruoza Card Icon 1x Robin Van Peruoza Card
Cycle 2: [[File:]]
Cycle 3: [[File:]]
Cycle 4: [[File:]]
Cycle 5: [[File:]]
Minimap The Shrine's Secret Passage
After you start this quest, Robin Van Peruoza teleports you to the Matrix.
After you finish the quest, Robin Van Peruoza teleports you to Alteo Empire Field 1 - Secret Garden.
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