1st Job - Shaman
TM Name
Skill Magical Soul Icon 0 Magical Soul
Skill Mana Arrow Icon 1 Mana Arrow
Skill Cure Icon 10 Cure
Skill Invincible Casting Icon 10 Invincible Casting
Skill Mana Ring Icon 20 Mana Ring
Skill Bottle of Mana Icon 20 Bottle of Mana
Skill Aura of Mana Icon 20 Aura of Mana
Skill Rust Icon 20 Rust
Skill Mana Web Icon 28 Mana Web
Skill Mana Shield Icon 30 Mana Shield
Skill Mana Storm Icon 35 Mana Storm
Skill Mist of Mana Icon 40 Mist of Mana
Skill Arrow Rush Icon 50 Arrow Rush
Skill Mana Ring Booster Icon 50 Mana Ring Booster
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