Sky Anvil - Soul Weapon Production Guide 3
Npc Sky Anvil
NPC: Sky Anvil
Location: Tartarus Entrance
Level 260+
3x Item Tartarus Debris 2 Icon Tartarus Debris 2
3x Item Tartarus Debris 3 Icon Tartarus Debris 3
3x Item Tartarus Debris 8 Icon Tartarus Debris 8
3x Item Tartarus Debris 9 Icon Tartarus Debris 9
3x Item Underground Nucleus Icon Underground Nucleus
3x Item Proliferating Cells Icon Proliferating Cells
Quest Cycles: Unlimited
XP: 15,104,536 TM XP: 3,364,957
Cycle 1: [[File:]]
Cycle 2: [[File:]]
Cycle 3: [[File:]]
Cycle 4: [[File:]]
Cycle 5: [[File:]]
Cycle 6: [[File:]]
Cycle 7: [[File:]]
Cycle 8: [[File:]]
Cycle 9: [[File:]]
Cycle 10: [[File:]]
Minimap Tartarus Entrance
Tartarus Debris 2, 3, 8, 9 can be excavated in Tartarus - Steel God B1, B2 Cages.
Underground Nucleus can be looted from Steel Gorgon or obtained from Warden Oceanus - Tartarus Hunting 1.
Proliferating Cells can be looted from Sea Elephant or obtained from Warden Oceanus - Tartarus Hunting 1.
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