3rd Job - Soul Master
TM Name
Skill Dimensional Rift Icon 240 Dimensional Rift
Elec Icon Thunder Skills
TM Name
Skill Staff of Thunder Icon 120 Staff of Thunder
Skill Raion's Blessing Icon 140 Raion's Blessing
Skill Raion's Space Icon 150 Raion's Space
Water Icon Water Skills
TM Name
Skill Aqua Bomb Icon 120 Aqua Bomb
Skill Undine's Blessing Icon 140 Undine's Blessing
Skill Undine's Garden Icon 150 Undine's Garden
Fire Icon Fire Skills
TM Name
Skill Dragon Storm Icon 125 Dragon Storm
Skill Salamander's Blessing Icon 140 Salamander's Blessing
Skill Salamander's Territory Icon 150 Salamander's Territory
Air Icon Wind Skills
TM Name
Skill Raging Storm Icon 130 Raging Storm
Skill Sylph's Blessing Icon 140 Sylph's Blessing
Skill Sylph's Playground Icon 150 Sylph's Playground
Soil Icon Earth Skills
TM Name
Skill Earthquake Icon 120 Earthquake
Skill Gnome's Blessing Icon 140 Gnome's Blessing
Skill Gnome's Domain Icon 150 Gnome's Domain
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