Stage 2 Requiem Box

Box Requiem Box

Box Requiem Box Icon
Required Value Weight
Level 0 2,000 2
Poirot's gift box for defeating Requiem Spirit, the 24th floor Tower of Chaos boss. There's a high probability of getting a level 155 ~ 170 requiem equipment.
Box. Double click to open.
How to Obtain
Quest Reward: 24th Floor Dimensional Gap Investigation,
24th Floor Dimensional Gap Reinvestigation.
Item 500 Galder Coupon Icon 1x 500 Galder Coupon Shield Golden Shield Icon 1x Requiem Golden Shield
Box Altiverse Box Icon 1x Altiverse Twist Box Weapon Kalis Icon 1x Requiem Kalis
Item Requiem Marble Icon 1x Requiem Marble Weapon Shamshir Icon 1x Requiem Shamshir
Hat Argent Helmet Icon 1x Requiem Argent Helmet Gun Shotgun Icon 1x Requiem Shotgun
Weapon Dragon Rod Icon 1x Requiem Blue Dragon Rod Shield Silver Shield Icon 1x Requiem Silver Shield
Gun Blunderbuss Icon 1x Requiem Blunderbuss Weapon Talwar Icon 1x Requiem Talwar
Weapon Bundi Dagger Icon 1x Requiem Bundi Dagger Hat Vaquero Hat Icon 1x Requiem Vaquero Hat
Weapon Celestial Rod Icon 1x Requiem Celestial Rod Hat Witch Hat Icon 1x Requiem Witch Hat
Hat Diadem Icon 1x Requiem Diadem [[File:]]
[[File:]] [[File:]]
Tradable Bankable Droppable Sellable (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
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